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Our vision is to build a reputable blogpost website, where experts like nutritionists, fitness trainers, yogis, biohackers and exercise physiologists can share their perspectives in the broad spectrum of Health, Wellness, Fitness and Nutrition Industry.

Our mission is to provide high-quality content to our readers, which aims at inspiring and motivating one to make healthier choices. To stimulate the interest for health and wellness. To empower one to make a change. To make healthy habit creation as practical as possible.

We believe fresh perspective, new tools and tips can stimulate change and empower health enthusiasts worldwide

Simeon Cvejoski

BSc. Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology
ISSA-CNS Certified Nutrition Specialist
NESTA-FTS Functional Training Specialist

Short Story and Education

At 16 yrs. I decided to make a change. I was done drinking and eating junk-food. My body was craving change. As a (then) basketball player, I decided to switch to a healthier lifestyle. Functional exercise, vinyasa yoga and compound movements became the new trend. I started meal prepping my broccoli and chicken, and aside from a few weird looks by school kids, the transformation was real. I was tired of the bodybuilding supplements, hence why I dig deeper into researching adaptogens, which became my new line of supplements. 6 years later, after loads of books, articles and studies, a few certifications and a Kinesiology degree, I decided to create a blog website. The idea is to share mine, and the perspective of other like-minded people in the Health and Wellness, Fitness and Nutrition industry.


At vitalscend, we are passionate to discover new ideas, create practical tools and make health and performance optimization accessible worldwide. Our main interest hits the fields of functional exercise, optimized nutrition and biohacking methods.


We are enthusiastic about inspiring people to walk the path to superhuman performance. The end goal is improving the way we feel. To improve movement fluidity, body strength and resilience, increase energy levels and metabolism, boost immunity and libido, to optimize sleep and balance hormones are key on this road.

Our Core Values


We provide high-quality, valuable information, research-driven articles, with pictures and infographics


We empower our users through high-quality, motivating content with many practical tips and tools


Research-driven, science-backed and expert-written content dominates our brand.


We provide you with new ideas, perspectives, and tools on your health and wellness journey


We’re driven to explore new perspectives in the health & wellness and performance optimization world


Creating the best health & performance optimization content. Articles, Videos, Pictures, Infographics, Podcasts. It’s all here


Our brand’s main focus is creating healthy habits, optimizing diet, implementing functional exercise, yoga & biohacking methods


To soak new knowledge, some like to study infographics, read articles, watch videos or listen to podcasts. We diversify & create variety

Frequently Asked Questions

What is vitalscend?

Vitalscend is a health and performance optimization blog. A place where experts share their perspective on fields like health, fitness, nutrition, biohacking and yoga.

Do you provide Medical Advice?

No. The content on this site is for informational purposes only. It is NOT intended to provide or replace professional medical advice, treatment, or diagnosis. Always consult with your physician, doctor or other qualified healthcare professional regarding specific health questions or medical condition.

How many members does vitalscend team consist of?

Currently vitalscend is a one-member team. It’s creator, Simeon. As such, the progress of the site’s roadmap may be slowed down. As our site progresses, we will be adding new team members to the mix. Specifically, educated people on fields of health, fitness, yoga, nutrition, biohacking, physiology and kinesiology. We appreciate your consistent support and patience.

Where can I subscribe to vitalscend?

Currently, social media channels like Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and Twitter are open. As the site progresses, we will add the functionality of subscribing to our newsletter and create a member account feature.

Does vitalscend offer online coaching services?

No. Currently vitalscend does not offer any online coaching services. However, we are focused on creating programs, publishing books or conjugating protocols for health and performance optimization purposes, with both free and paid versions.

Does vitalscend or Simeon offer nutritional consulting?

No. Currently we do not offer any nutrition consulting or coaching. We look further to publishing more articles related to nutrition, supplementation and similar topics.

Can you make me a fitness training program?

As online coaching is not a supported service of vitalscend, we do not currently create individualized training programs. However, we look towards creating free 7 day challenges, updating our fitness content and potentially creating digital products (non-individualized fitness programs).

What are the benefits of using vitalscend?

Some features of vitalscend can potentially provide benefit to some users. These include education, awareness, engagement, new tools, new tips, motivation, inspiration and top products, in fields of health, fitness and nutrition.

Where can I found you, socials, youtube.. etc?

Our socials are listed in the Author Bio Box section. Here’s a list:
Instagram @vitalscend or @simeon.cvejoski
Pinterest @vitalscend
Twitter @SimeonCvejoski
YouTube @Simeon Cvejoski

Does vitalscend have a roadmap?

Yes. Vitalscend aims to become the place where experts in nutrition, fitness, yoga and biohacking share their perspectives. We will adopt an 8-habits structure in January 2023, which our biggest update yet.