8 Steps to Vitality. Optimize Your Health and Wellness

Vitalscend (Vitality + Transcend) is a health and performance optimization site. Our mission is to inspire a healthy lifestyle and instill healthy habits, so we can feel energetic, vital, and function at our best.


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8 Steps to Vitality – Optimize Health and Performance

The path to optimal health and performance shouldn’t be that complex. We just need a nudge of inspiration, some scientific backup, and self-initiation. It’s enough to lead us to an amazing experience, where we feel what it is like to be energetic, vibrant, and dynamic. Once you explore what skipping breakfast or sugar does to your energy, how…


age better, recover faster via quality sleep, nutrients, and thermal therapy


functional fitness to increase strength, mobility, build muscle and lose weight


fasting or LCHF diets to reset insulin levels and improve metabolic health


boost energy creation on a cellular level via intense cardio, fasting, and nutrients


nootropics and healthy fats to build a sharper brain and elevate cognition


cardio, saunas, and fasting to boost mitochondria function and genesis

Frequently Asked Questions

What is vitalscend?

Vitalscend is a health and performance optimization site. We provide quality content in the realm of fitness, nutrition, and biohacking – aiming at optimizing health, performance, and well-being.

Do you provide Medical Advice?

No. The content on this site is for informational purposes only. It is NOT intended to provide or replace professional medical advice, treatment, or diagnosis. Always consult with your physician, doctor, or other qualified healthcare professionals regarding specific health questions or medical conditions.

Where can I subscribe to vitalscend?

Currently, social media channels like Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and Twitter are open. As the site progresses, we will add the functionality of subscribing to our newsletter and create a member account feature.

Does vitalscend offer online coaching services?

No. Currently, vitalscend does not offer any online coaching services. However, we are focused on creating programs and protocols (in an E-book format) in the realm of fitness, nutrition, and wellness.

I am New to Vitalscend. Where Do I Start?

To make it easier for newcomers, vitalscend adopted the 8-steps structure. Each category is an important area of health and performance. Start by picking ONE thing you’re interested in and read the guiding article on that topic.

What are the benefits of using vitalscend?

Vitalscend is created on the idea that if we consume content around health and performance, we’ll be more likely to gain momentum in powering our health journey and building healthier habits. It’s the content we consume that inspires us, giving new ideas and tips on nutrition, fitness, and biohacking.

Does vitalscend have a roadmap?

Yes. Vitalscend aims to become the place where experts in nutrition, fitness, and biohacking share their perspectives. We’re working to create a practical newsletter to make healthy habits easier to switch/stick to, potentially developing into an app in the future.

Can you make me a custom training program?

As online coaching is not a supported service of vitalscend, we do not currently create individualized training programs. However, new articles on fitness tips, exercises, and science are uploaded continually.